About Us

Cre for Creative & lution for Solution”, this is how Crelution name was born!

Inconvenience…Everyone has encountered this before. It all begins due to Benson past medical condition. He needs to drink a lot of water and this caused him to carry a water tumbler everywhere he goes and is very inconvenience for him whenever he travels oversea and going thru airport checkpoint.

Benson came across this foldable water tumbler while browsing thru the internet and right away he knows that this product can bring benefits & convenience to him whenever he travels. Immediately, he bought one for his own use & subsequently for his family members. 

After using the water tumbler for some time, he believes this product might be useful to those facing similar situation. Hence, he & his wife created Crelution to share this product to the world. 

Crelution started with only one product which is foldable water tumbler. However, they always on the lookout for latest Creative & Innovative products that might simplified their customers daily life just like what Benson experienced with the foldable water tumbler.

We are here to stay. Please let us know if you have any feedback on how to improve our website & products offering in order for us to serve you better.